What is BMI and how to calculate your BMI
24 juni 2021 

What is BMI and how to calculate your BMI

What is BMI and how can I calculate it?

BMI or Body Mass Index is an indicator commonly used to determine whether a person's weight is appropriate for his or her height. It is also an important indicator of changes in body fat storage. BMI is not as accurate when used for athletes, or anyone with a high muscle mass and the elderly. 

Health plays a vital role in the life cycle of humans. Every individual in this world wants to remain healthy and strong. Being physically and mentally fit is vital if you want to live a long life.  However, there are many people who are not able to remain in good shape. Fast paced modern lifestyle is one of the reasons for complications in our health. Being sick can cause financial problems and lots of inconvenience to the family members of the patients. It is no secret that the majority of people are battling against overweight problems and obesity. In many countries, the obesity has become a major cause of concern. Hence, it is vital to know how to calculate BMI so that you can keep track of this important number.

The BMI is used to determine whether one has the normal weight according to the height. You may have already asked yourself, how can I calculate my BMI? Anyone can go on the internet and access an online tool to calculate BMI! This is the most simple and effective way. You need to fill out your gender, age, lenght and weight and then the calculator calculates your BMI.
It is essential to know the exact weight and height in order to properly calculate the BMI. The height and weight is measured against each other to get the BMI values. Many doctors and medical professional look at the BMI as one of the many indicators of good health. 

It is important to know that the numbers can not be seen in isolation. In case you don't fall in the Healthy Weight group don't panick.
Just contact your doctor so that other variables can be looked at too. Besides, maybe you filled in the wrong numbers in the online tool!

In the table below you will see the BMI values and the meaning of the values.

BMI values 19-69 yearMeaning



From 18,5 to 25

Healthy Weight

From 25 tot 30


30 and higher


Normal weight is indicated by a number between 18.5 and 24.9, whereas the underweight individuals have the BMI less than 18.5. If the BMI number is between 25 and 30, then the person falls in the category of overweight. A BMI above 30 is linked with being obese. This is not applicable for atletes and the elderly. The online calculator BMI tool is the fastest and easiest way to calculate BMI.

By keeping track of this important number you can stay ahead of the game, pivot quickly and keep yourself healthy and vital. 

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