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Training from home or someplace else

Are you busy and do you find it difficult to plan fitness into your schedule? Fitness now fits into your life - you can exercise from anywhere, at any time, without equipment.

Track your goals and plan your exercises

Plan to succeed - plan your workouts, track your calories burned, get real-time reminders,
track your progress and view your training history in real time.

Connect with like-minded people

The Kilo Burner app has a community, a place where you can connect with like-minded people who are focused on their health and vitality.

To share your experiences and ambitions. To support and motivate each other. To embrace your journey and shape your best life

What our members say

Great features, I work-out from home and I know exactly which exercises to do now. In the gym I often felt watched and luckily that's over now


It's like having your personal trainer everywhere with you! Amazing instructional videos


De app is echt geweldig en ik bespaar heel veel geld. Voorheen had ik een PT'er die ik 45 euro per uur betaalde! (NL)

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